Monday, November 06, 2006

Pwning the League

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And suddenly, with a 4-1 win over Philadelphia (is it just me, or do the Leafs seem to play every night?), Toronto has won 4 out of its last 5, good for 21 points, second in their division, and 4th in their conference.

58 goals, behind only Buffalo’s 63 which leads the league.

Dominating wins over Montreal, Buffalo, Philly. Decisive wins.

Raycroft, one of the NHL’s three stars this week. “It’s cool,” he shrugged, flexing manfully for the cameras in the hours before yet another heroic performance. “But it doesn’t mean anything.”

No, not really. Not in the grand scheme of things. Stanley Cups aren’t awarded in November.

And - it’s worth noting too, that Toronto has played the most games in the league so far, 17. Perhaps if all the other teams had played as many, their standing wouldn’t look so impressive.

Ottawa for instance, is goofing around in the Eastern Conference basement, only 3 points ahead of Philly for second-last place, but they've only played 12 games. However – late box score check – they lost again tonight, this time to Washington, having blown the lead in yet another close game. To elevate the level of Ottawa’s humiliation, Ovechkin reportedly made numerous, “in the bag” motions as he left the ice. No, not really. But can't you imagine it?

I expected a lot of things to begin this NHL season, but Leaf domination wasn’t one of them, and I'm glad for the surprise. I didn't expect such disorganized, dispirited, and second-rate Senator efforts either, which are hard for me to miss right now. “Why did we keep Alfredsson instead of Havlat?” a buddy screamed at work, as he ripped posey Ottawa Sun snapshots of Jason Spezza from the walls of his cubicle. “We're ruined! Trade him now!” Yeah, I’m sure that’s all they need.

So what’s up with the Leafs?

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"Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together - mass hysteria!"

Why are they scoring so much, for instance? Nobody predicted this. If anything, the big question was, “who is going to score after Kaberle and McCabe?” Tucker is playing like a no-foolin’ 50-goal man. O’Neill has been magically restored to his pre-dead brother edge. Sundin – as always, magnificent. Even a plug like Bates Battaglia is contributing. Imagine that – goals from a 4th-liner. White and Gill have filled in marvelously as the second pairing, and Kubina’s imminent return should boost the defense even more. Belak has actually gotten into the act too, by not ruining any games or anything lately.

“This is no accident,” gloated my uncle Chuckles. “The kingpins of the Leafs this season are quality young players from the Belleville Bulls system, or just Belleville natives like yours truly. The Rayzor. Wellwood. Stajan. Take away those Ottawa games, and those kids are powering one of the best teams in hockey.”

Maybe. I don’t really have an answer. But I don't care right now. I’m just going to enjoy it while it lasts, because I’ve been here before, and I’ve seen it all amount to nothing in April.

No real Leaf fan hasn’t.


Blogger Friknguy said...

Above is my blog, I hope you like it.

Nice site Wardo, your insight is very, how do I say, unusual.

Nice work dude!

11:31 AM  
Blogger Friknguy said...

Do you think the Leafs will win the Cup this year? I do, but Matts is hurt so maybe the won't win the Cup.

I think they should award the Cup in November because the guys aren't hurt. That way they can slack it after Novemember and who cares.

Plus, I think Matts is good. Do you Wardo? If you think he isn't good then I won't think he's good. Okay.

Okay, bye.

11:49 AM  
Blogger reality check said...

Dominating win over Montreal? Yes Toronto blasted them all over the ice in the last matchup, outshooting them by more than a 2-1 margin. It may have been more of a case of the habs just playing as badly as they possibly could while the Leafs were rolling. Once montreal awoke in the third, things got closer.

With the game tied, the Leafs got their two points in the 7th round of the shootout. Not entirely dominating, but good enough for bragging rights until Saturday.

12:49 PM  
Blogger Wardo said...

Sorry RC.


3:34 PM  
Blogger Friknguy said...

I agree with Wardo and not RC.

I think Montreal win not beat the mighty Leafs, unless Wardo thinks they will then I do to.

Plus the Leafs are good they won again last night. But the goalie left and didn't come back he is good.

and so is the other goalie with the really big pads

6:28 AM  
Blogger reality check said...


Does the Sundin-less Leafs even up against the Higgy-less Habs?

For shits and giggles, I'll post Maurice's pic under the word "God" should the Leafs take it Saturday, if you'll agree to comply with the word "Almighty" under Koivu's mug should my guys pull it off. Deal?

Saturday 6PM deadline.

3:36 PM  
Blogger Wardo said...

No deal.

Toronto is missing their best player and #1 goalie right now.

3:52 PM  
Blogger reality check said...

And I thought you had balls?

Hey, that "no excuses" motto wouldn't need dusting off, would it?

We'll pick it up once you deem the teams more equal on a given matchup. I'm off to post my "Wardo Picks the Leafs to Lose", post. Later!

9:14 PM  
Blogger Friknguy said...

I don't see a picture of God with the coach Maurice as the caption.

Unless he really is God then I've seen it and the team is lead by God and Maurice, both the same guys.

I was wondering, if the Leafs are this good without the two good players. The ugly bald captain guy and the skinny new goalie then they will win the cup when both come back. Is this what you think? No you RC, but you're nic so don't be sad cause I'm asking if Wardo thinks this. Cause if he does then I will too. So RC is that god pic coming?

And the senators are crap and that stinking crap team lost again and they stink. Right Wardo? I hope you don't like them Wardo cause I sure don't and want to keep not liking them, unless you think that's bad, not to like them I mean.


6:28 AM  
Blogger reality check said...

Sure, I'll throw up a Maurice = God blog and pic, even though buddy bailed on the bet. The Leafs spanked us good enough anyway, and I'm a good sport.

Look for it later in the week.

3:31 PM  
Blogger Friknguy said...

Okay RC, I will be looking for it. Put up picture of puke too. Cause that's what the Sens do when they play. The Sens are a crap team, eh? Or maybe they are just playing like crap so teams will think they are crap and not take them seriously then they put it in turbo mode and beat them.

I used to watch lots of teams go into turbo mode. Is that ever a lot of fun. Have you seen them go into turbo mode before? Or see a team ever in turbo mode.

Hi Wardo.

6:07 AM  
Blogger reality check said...


Bonus for you, two puke pics and three references to the chunky stew, along with a site tag.

The Sens no longer have a turbo mode - just a turdo load!

11:02 AM  

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