Friday, November 17, 2006

Rabbit Punches

I couldn’t be bothered coming up with a cohesive post tonight, so here are a few random thoughts:

After hearing months of, “why won’t Toronto extend John Ferguson?” it was a surprise to read tonight that the Leafs actually hold a club option on his contract for next season.

I’m not a Ferguson booster, but it’s hard to argue with the results so far this year, so exercising the option should be a no-brainer decision. Maybe The Board is waiting to see if the team's resurgence is a fluke before they start throwing the money around at Ferguson.

I tried watching the Ottawa/New Jersey game tonight, but it was so boring I actually fell asleep during the game. So after I regained consciousness, I flipped to what should have been my first choice all along, Pittsburgh/Buffalo. I got to see Crosby viciously cross-check some guy in the back – I think it was Campbell – and stew in the box while Buffalo potted a powerplay goal. Way to go, Crosby. Later on, I saw him curse at the refs, then at his coach for some reason (“F--- you! No! F--- you!” *drinking Gatorade* “F---ing a-hole!”) , and then he aggressively celebrated in the face of Buffalo fans after he scored two goals that almost put Pittsburgh back in the game. I guess it was a pretty well-rounded outburst of emotion, then. Everyone got an equal helping of profanity. I got the sense he knew the cameras were on him when he was trying to look all scary on the bench, but I just wasn’t sold on his scowl. Buffalo’s retro third uniforms look fantastic – I can’t believe they didn’t elevate these shirts to the status of “main bitch” over the truly terrible “Buffaslugs” they revolted everyone with back in July.

Back to check the Ottawa score, and I saw they lost again, 3-2. Don’t worry though Senator fans, it wasn’t a legit loss – according to A-Channel fluffer Gord Wilson as he petulantly wrapped up the final score, “the real story of the game is the two hit goalposts behind Martin Brodeur.” Shameless. Gordie Wilson, wasn’t that the name of the mayor in Back to the Future? “Mayor, Gordie Wilson – I like the SOUN’ of dat!”

TSN pioneered the in-game interview of players this week, blorting on the air about their innovation to the game. I actually dislike this idea myself. If I’m the coach, the last thing I want is my player preening for the camera during a stop in play. His focus should be on the game – so I’d be tempted to tell Pierre McGuire to jam his microphone and wait until the intermission.

I love TSN’s behind-the-goalie “power play” cam. Great angle – CBC needs to copy it.

Ottawa began last season 19-3. This season, they are in last place in their division so far, and Dominik Hasek is 9-3-1 for Detroit, leading the NHL in goals-against average at 1.73, with 3 shutouts. Hmm. Here's a thought - and, I'm just throwing this out there - but maybe the reason Ottawa blows is because of their goalie or something.

At work today, my buddy Ed was moaning again about his team, the Canadiens. “The Panthers killed us. Mr. Gainey has to do something.” I felt bad for him, so I told him to expect a big game out of Souray this weekend, even though I don't care very much about the Habs.

That seemed to make him feel better, because right after that, this girl he thinks is hot walked by, and old Ed perked right up and decided to tailgate down the hall after her. "I'm really happy with my girlfriend though, seriously," he said as he sneaked out. Note: she was wearing these bizarre pants women have been buying lately – these really thin, somewhat baggy, and flippy-looking things that are cut off at the knee, worn with high boots. They look a lot like something Ronald McDonald would put on in the morning, but that didn’t seem to bother Ed much.


Blogger reality check said...

Great reading Wardo! You can lack cohesion anytime.

I also wish the mic would find it's down McGuire's blowhole. He annoys me with his lippy little know-it-all attitude at times.

9:12 PM  
Blogger PPP said...

They have a club option? Why not pick it up and let him have another season to prove himself?

I watched that Sabres-Pens games. I thought that crosscheck was less vicious and more diving from Campbell. It looks like he enjoyed getting Mats a penalty so much that he decided to try it out again.

I laughed at Crosby's swearing. The cameras had to keep panning away because of it.

And I have seen CBC use that camera angle before but I agree that they should use it more often. It makes you feel like the goalie.

6:39 AM  
Blogger Friknguy said...

What are you talking about? Ferguson made a few trades, the guys on the team that have been in the system have nothing to do with him.

Making a few player deals doesn't make you a manager, he's an asshole. The Leafs are off their high now, the smoke has left the room. It's almost December boys, the year is just starting to settle in. You will now start to see the Leafs that Fergie put together. He signed McCabe to a contract that pays him more than Pronger! That's like going to a strip joint and turning your back to the stage, unless you're a fag.

Speaking of idiots, when are the indians putting up another blockade? Caledonia is getting stale.

9:26 AM  

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